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Aluminum Y Carriage for Tevo Tarantula

Aluminum Y Carriage for Tevo Tarantula


All orders ship within 2-10 days. See below for shipping info.


Check out the X/Z sides and the Z replacement parts!

This new carriage is actually lighter than the stock acrylic and it is more rigid than my last design. So its an improvement in every way.

Upgrade your plastic bed carriage to be more rigid. This is the carriage only. Includes mounting holes for stock wheels and MGN12H linear rails. 

The hole pattern on the tevo beds are the same for the large and small size. So this bed is universal.

The Y carriage does not need the acrylic spacer.

Check out this place for lots of good info on getting your Tevo running smoothly.

Updated Shipping Rates:

US = 4.00

Canada tracked = 10.00

Tracked Lite  = 13.00

Aluminum Grade - 5052 marine grade aluminum, so it will be resistant to corrosion.

This part is made on a water-jet and may need some light sanding to break sharp corners.

Thickness - 4.75mm(3/16 inch) 

I do not recommend the linear rail as an upgrade, just getting the aluminum bed will greatly increase the stabilty of the Y-axis. I just include the holes for people that might want to.

Will ship within 10 days from purchase date.

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