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About me

Hello, I am Isaac Fankhauser. I own an awesome Tevo Tarantula printer. When my printer came in the Y bed did not fit tight on my printer. There was a lot of bend in the X axis and Y axis parts when tightening the belt, and the Z plate bowed down with the weight of the stepper motor. I made a steel plate for my Y bed to tighten that up and then, with the help of fellow facebook grouper Radoslaw, got all the drawings for all the parts and got them laser cut. After a ton of revisions to the drawings, I got the parts cut out and they works great on my printer. People liked what I had, so I put a few on sale on facebook, and they were bought instantly. I started this page after my last round of orders to make my life easier and so others outside of the facebook group could get in on the laser cut action. If you have any questions about me or the parts listed here, contact me at